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Medical Facillity Construction

Ironwood has had the privilege of recently constructing three medical buildings in Petoskey.  Each of these offices specializing in different areas of the medical field.  Throughout these construction processes Ironwood has learned how fortunate the people of this area are in having extremely competent medical practitioners available to them right here in Northwest Michigan.

Public Works Construction

Fire stations, Road Commission service facilities, classroom buildings and City Halls are some of the Public Works projects that Ironwood’s personnel have constructed.  These type of projects are usually very competitively bid and even a small mistake in the bidding process can be the difference in being awarded a contract.  It is Ironwood’s construction experience in knowing what it takes to build a project that has allowed them to be successful in this arena.

Hotel Construction

The next time you stay at a Marriott Courtyard, Marriott Residence Inn or a Wingate Hotel think of Ironwood Construction Company.  Surprisingly the “bones” of these hotels can be significantly different from each other.  While many Courtyard and Residence Inn structures are primarily wood framed a Wingate Hotel has masonry bearing walls between each unit and precast concrete plank floors and ceilings.  The sound barriers between each unit at a Wingate Hotel are far superior to most hotels and motels.  Keep that in mind next time you are travelling.

Industrial Construction

There are 4 major types of construction used when designing an industrial facility and Ironwood has experience in constructing all four of these types of industrial buildings.

  • Pre-engineered Metal Building is usually the most economical but doesn’t fit all applications.
  • Masonry Bearing is also typically more economical as the exterior walls of the building area used to hold up the roof structure.
  • Conventional Steel Bearing type construction consists of a system of steel columns, beams and joist to create the skeleton of a building where the exterior walls are in-filled with masonry or metal studs and a siding material.
  • Pre-stressed Concrete Panels are rarely used as it is less economical to construct. The one advantage this system has is the reduced time it takes to enclose a building compared to the other types of construction.

Bank & Credit Union Construction

While many of the major banks in the country are reducing their number of branch locations; some of the smaller banks are looking to expand their presence.  Ironwood’s personnel have built and in some cases designed banks and credit union buildings.  Vault structures and special security systems are only a couple of the constructions items unique to the construction of this type of facility.

Office Buildings & Tentant Space

“The Woods” is the name of the office project developed and constructed by Ironwood Construction Company.  Carved out of a Northern Michigan Hardwood stand, the development has maintained a “woodsy” feel with large white pine splitting the entrance drive off of M-119 and large Oak trees lining the parking lots.  Attorneys, physicians, financial advisors and others all share in the natural beauty of the development.

Auto Dealer Construction

Ironwood’s personnel have had the opportunity to perform construction work on dealerships for all of the “Big Three” American automakers.  While the general construction of a dealership building; e.g. pre-engineered metal, masonry bearing or conventional steel, are similar to most buildings,; there are certain unique standards that each manufacture requires for their dealerships.  Ironwood has the experience to address any manufacturer’s requirements.

Retail Construction

Since the boom of the “Big Box” retail stores took off many years ago; Ironwood’s principal owner, Dan Steffes has had the experience of constructing facilities for many major retailers (see list below).  Local shopping centers that house “mom & pop” retail stores and national companies that require only a small storefronts still have a place in the world of retail sales outlets.  Ironwood recently completed the development and construction of a “strip center” that holds a new Big Boy Restaurant and a Verizon Wireless outlet.  This development also has a new McDonald’s restaurant.

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